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Olfactory Notes

Olfactory Guide to Solidolio

SolidOlio ® bio, thanks to its compact state, it has a great versatility of use and a very high yield compared to a simple cream.

In fact, it is sufficient to rub the dough a couple of times directly on the skin, preferably damp but buffered, and massage, to immediately appreciate its soothing and deeply moisturizing effect.

< p> Its formula, totally free of paraffins, silicones, sulphates, parabens, irritating surfactants makes SolidOlio® bio the right ally to use safely whenever our skin needs to regain elasticity and softness.

SolidOlio ® bio is used on several occasions to combat dryness and irritation of the skin: after bath or shower – on face and lips – on hands and nails – after hair removal – to prevent stretch marks – after shaving – p to polish the beard – on hardened feet and heels – in case of wind and intense cold – as after-sun – after bathing the baby before swimming in the sea or in the pool – on tattoos – on the toes hair .

For Him
Male- Wild- Sandal- Patchouli- Mirra- Vetiver – Grass Dew

For Her
Freesia- Solstice- Jasmine- Rose- Vanilla- Aranella- Pomegranate Cinnamon- Mono- Lavender- Green Tea- Coconut- White Musk

She & Him
Bamboo- Water- Amber- Myrrh- Dew Grass- Patchouli- Aloe Vera – Tangerine in Bloom

0-1 year old baby

Baby over 1 year
White- Talc Cotton- White Musk- Green Tea- Linden- Grape Strawberry- Pomegranate Cinnamon- Vanilla

Solidolio with Composed Flowery notes

Composed Flowery


Orchid and patchouli, delicate, elegant and enveloping [custombutton idprod=5779 text=Buy Now]

Composed Flowery


It is the flower of the field, reminiscent of Spring - very intense, gentle and feminine [custombutton idprod=5605 text=Buy Now]

Composed Flowery


Coconut, Pacific Flower Tiare and Vanilla - reminiscent of Summer and the sea [custombutton idprod=5769 text=Buy Now]

Solidolio with Pure Flowery notes

Pure Flowery


Originally from the mountains of North West India, it is a sensual, sweet and intoxicating fragrance [custombutton idprod=5353 text=Buy Now]

Pure Flowery


Symbol of femininity and elegance, purity and sensuality, it is flavored with Tea Rose and Bulgarian Rose [custombutton idprod=5401 text=Buy Now]

Pure Flowery


Typical flower of Provence, the Lavender fragrance is intense, aromatic and relaxing [custombutton idprod=5355 text=Buy Now]

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