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Strucco® Solid Cleansing Milk

Strucco® Solid Cleansing Milk

Strucco® Solid Cleansing Milk, is a natural make-up remover belonging to the stai Bene® solid cosmetics
Strucco® is entirely vegetable, free from parabens, synthetic emulsifiers or products of animal origin.
Enriched with glycerol and essential oils, this solid make-up remover can deeply cleanse and remove even the most persistent make-up, without altering the pH of the skin.
In addition to cleansing, Strucco® provides excellent hydration to the skin which remains elastic, soft and smooth.

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  • Latte-Solido-Detergente-Strucco-Bianco
    White Makeup Cleansing Solid Milk – Moisturizing – Zero Waste
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  • Latte-Solido-Detergente-Strucco-NeroSold
    Black Makeup Cleansing Solid Milk – Purifying – Zero Waste
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  • SMALL Aluminum Container for Reusing Solid Shampoo and Solid Milk Makeup Cleanser
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