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Solid Shampoo

Solid Shampoo

Solid Shampoo is a compact and versatile cleanser for scalp and hair, completely natural and free of parfume and silicones.
The production of solid cosmetics is now defined as the new frontier of cosmetics, imposing itself on a market where eco-sustainability is no longer just a trend, but a need to take care of one’s well-being in a conscious way.
Stai Bene® has included, in its Solid Cosmetics section, 3 different Solid Shampoo formulations for the combinations in vegetable oils, botanical active ingredients and pure essential oils, aimed at satisfying the 3 basic types of hair.
The complete absence of silicones, soaps and perfumes within the preparation of the stai Bene® solid shampoo, makes it a green cleanser with a balanced washing action for the hair and a soil treatment for the scalp.
Using the Stay Well® Solid Shampoo is simple. After having moistened the hair, pass the block directly over the entire area, carefully massaging both the scalp and the entire length of the hair.
Finally, rinse carefully with hot water and proceed with your treatment if necessary.
Store solid shampoo away from contact with water.
The Solid Shampoo by stai Bene® has been designed in 3 different formulations in botanical active ingredients, vegetable oils and pure essential oils aimed at satisfying the 3 basic types of hair.
All Solid Shampoos are packaged in a zero waste recycled cardboard. Once used, the product can be stored in a glass or PET jar that you can find on our website.

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  • Shampoo Solido per capelli grassi con eccesso di sebo e forfora
    Solid Shampoo – Oily Hair
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  • Shampoo Solido per capelli misti
    Solid Shampoo – Normal Hair
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  • Shampoo Solido per capelli fini, secchi, ricci o sfibrati
    Solid Shampoo – Dry Hair
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  • SMALL Aluminum Container for Reusing Solid Shampoo and Solid Milk Makeup Cleanser
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