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Draining Blu Line

The formation of cellulite originates from a circulatory problem on the venous return, with consequent stagnation of lymph in the tissues especially of the legs and arms area.
The Blue Line in the Green ContraCell Program it is suitable for those with visible capillaries and vessel fragility, edematous cellulite, water retention, orange peels, culotte de cheval, swollen legs and ankles.
The ContraCell Blue Line operates on 3 fronts:
a) Through a strong VENOTONIC activity favoring the elasticity of the vessels, thus increasing the resistance of the capillary walls with a profound refreshing and anti-inflammatory action on vessel congestion, ideal for those suffering from visible capillaries and bruising
b) As an aid in the reabsorption of edema, toning of tissues with stagnation of liquids and antioxidant lipolytic action with elimination of fats
c) In shaping the silhouette and supporting the atonic skin
The ContraCell® Draining Blue Line of the Green ContraCell® Program consists of 3 steps to follow, respectively composed of specific products of natural origin and with a high concentration of plant active ingredients:
• the cold action mud without rinsing that works in the land in the “disposal of toxins” produced by inflammation induced by the stagnation of liquids
• Detox Ice enzymatic peeling with cold action, which thanks to its slow-release “cryodynamic action” reactivates the slowed microcirculation, moves lymphatic stasis, drains excess fluids, thus favoring greater absorption of targeted treatments
• the Impact Serum rich in botanical principles for deep and pinched massage, specific to reduce thighs, orange peel and culotte de cheval.

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