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GeneralDo you know the secret to making your skin look younger?

Close connection between skin quality and external factors

If we think that skin aging begins at the appearance of the first wrinkles, we are wrong. Indeed!

If we then think that there is a definite time when physiological aging will begin , well we are still wrong, or at least largely wrong.

Fortunately, we are not all the same, and although there is a broad line that marks a somewhat genetically predetermined onset of skin aging that is around 20 to 30 years old, external factors such as diet, extreme diets, exposure to natural or artificial UV rays, chronic diseases, medications, smoking, pollution, and stress can accelerate its earliness.

The process of skin aging, happens slowly and quietly accumulating in the memory of the skin, only to explode suddenly and irreversibly.

Facial skin, which is more exposed to climatic, atmospheric and environmental phenomena, is definitely more involved in the aging process. In addition, let us not forget that it is also the one we use most to communicate and involves a whole series of muscles known as the furriers to externalize emotions and moods.

Knowing our skin, to care for it in the right way

As the years pass, the quality of the dermal matrix begins to change, the amount of water decreases, and, inevitably, the fibers also atrophy.

The production of collagen slows down and also elastin, which provides elasticity, cause the skin to lose its dynamism.

Women’s skin is more prone than men’s to dry out, and therefore the aging process is more visible.

In fact, in women, the hormonal role interferes in decreasing both water supply and the amount of collagen, resulting in reduced skin thickness and density.

This is compounded by a slowdown in toxin elimination functions, a change in thermoregulation, vitamin D synthesis, and endocrine function. Skin dries out more easily, can become stained with prolonged, unprotected exposure to sunlight, and fatty tissue begins to weaken.

How can we intervene to retargive skin aging?

Undoubtedly, a healthy diet, rich in antioxidants, vegetable oils, water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices that are strictly organic, coupled with a lifestyle regimen unpolluted by smoking and stress, contribute strongly to dictating, to our skin, a decidedly different and more long-lived rhythm. Water content is critical to its beauty and health.

Our skin, being impermeable, certainly does not revive through the application of water tablets.

But there are simple, naturally occurring substances that can effectively act on transepidermal water loss.

It is the small fats that are the only ones that can penetrate the barrier, thanks to the intercellular cement of the epidermis. It is precisely the quality of this cement that determines the retained water content of cells and thus hydrates, preventing signs of aging. Organic vegetable oils and butters rich in complex fatty acids, unsaponifiable fractions such as Shea Butter, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba wax, cocoa butter, castor oil ( contained in SolidOil organic) are targeted products to improve skin quality. The dermo compatibility of these fats is dictated by their similarity to those with which Mother Nature endowed us.

They will be the ones to awaken our slumbering skin, bringing it back soft supple and glowing again.

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